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About Us. A transformational recovery residence in Martinsville, Indiana.


Our Story

Our journey began in 2015 with a singular mission to provide support to women facing addiction and crises. Through the Magdalene House, our transformational recovery house, we've guided countless women towards recovery, healing, stability, and faith. Now, as we approach the opening of our second house, the Foundations House, our mission has expanded to support men in need, as well. This new chapter marks an exciting evolution in our journey, allowing us to serve our community with even greater depth and compassion. At Stability First, we serve our community through Christ and Impact Through Faith. 

brand architecture

Our Brand Architecture

Stability First is the parent ministry that oversees both Stability First Magdalene House and Stability First Foundation House. Maggie Bags, which is a micro-enterprise and skills-readiness program is unique to Magdalene House.  

transformation transitional housing and individualized programs for those seeking recovery from addictions.

Putting Christian principles into action, by providing transformational individualized programs and transitional housing for men and women seeking recovery from addiction and life-controlling challenges. 

Our Mission

Our Values

Faith in Action

We embody our Christian principles by actively engaging in compassionate service and extending kindness, support, and hope.


We provide holistic care by addressing the diverse physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals seeking recovery.


We work together with our residents, staff, volunteers, and community partners to create a supportive environment conducive to healing and growth. 


We approach each person with kindness and empathy. 


We honor the inherent dignity and worth of every individual, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. 

transformation transitional housing and individualized programs for those seeking recovery from addictions.

Our Vision

Stability First strengthens our society by empowering the men and women we serve to fulfill the purpose that God has uniquely planned for them. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to put faith into action by increasing transformational, individualized recovery programs and transitional housing, empowering men and women to live sober, productive, and stable lives long-term.  

Our Digital Brochure

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