About Us

Stability First is a non-profit organization established to address multiple issues associated with the alleviation of poverty. It deals with transitional housing as well as a circle of services geared toward assisting low income families in increasing their financial stability and self sufficiency.
At present there are three aspects to our work:

  • Foundations is an outreach program for men of all ages who are homeless or living in unstable circumstances.  Volunteers provide spiritual mentoring, goal setting and accountability tools, assistance with stability planning and life coaching. We will soon be developing supportive housing that will reinforce these goals and work to establish men as stable leaders in their homes and communities.

  • The Magdalene House is a shelter for single women, providing housing and supportive services for up to 16 women at a time. Our goal is to walk alongside women as they increase in accountability and gain the stability needed to live independently. The program is faith based and provides an individualized, goal oriented approach.

  • The Maggie Bag Project is a sustainability initiative that combines the efforts of Magdalene House residents with those of partners from near and far to produce beautiful handbags.   Learn More & Show Now!

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us.  Stability First is a 510 (c) (3) not-for-profit.  All contributions are tax-deductible.

2020 Annual Report

This past year has been a very challenging yet very rewarding & exciting time for the Stability First family.  Download our annual report to read more.

Proven Track Record

Over 900 nights of shelter provided to women

Over 300 women sheltered at the Magdalene House

5 years of strong history of working collaboratively with local leaders, court systems and jails.

Your resources have significant impact when given to Stability First. 

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Stability First is a faith-based non-profit established to address multiple issues associated with the alleviation of poverty in Morgan County, IN.


Board of Directors

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Leisa English


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